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Penelope Benson

[Homecoming *Queen, model & writer]


How to feel good in my skin (again & again)

- A personal guide & written reminder.


Take a minute. Take off your shoes. Take a look.

An actual, honest look.

Now, decide and - finally - take a little extra care of yourself.


Like proper care, extra care and because you need it, for what appears like - more than others. 

And i’m talking real care, less bullshitting yourself.


More walks, more swims; more solitude. Moderation.

Ok, and maybe - a little more compassion.


More men’s clothes.. like drill; workwear; like Hard Yakka - and more often! 

Holes/ paint/ dirt, the more derelict the better.


Now – just begin to feel what it feels like to feel more like yourself.

More grounded, and gathered and dare i say, more beautiful.. more than any bloody dress could ever make you feel.


Also, feel free to feel sexy again! Slash feel more confident having it.






Now - please write! I know it’s new to you but I also know how it makes you feel and that you also feel it’s part reason what you’re here for. @homecoming.store


Keep saying yes to honest yeses, and no to all the “fuck no’s”; listening to yourself and listening less to others.


Keep bathing, basking and laying down just that little longer; a lot longer.. actually feeeel your breathe fill your lungs.

Also, fuck you feel a lot.


Never stop living for 8am ;), 5pm ;) (am i right) and ofcourse, croissants..


Now finally, feel how good you feel in your skin. (again)