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Phoebe & Seamus

[Flowers Of Marmion Street]


Can you describe a moment or experience that reshaped your relationship to 'beauty'?

Working on Flowers of Marmion Street has made me think more deeply about aesthetics. When putting a floral piece together I’m definitely making artistic choices that hopefully people can appreciate as beautiful. But these things are subjective and it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is aesthetically pleasing and why. In this line of creative work 'beauty' is always open, you get to learn what other people's perception of beauty is which is quite rewarding. – Seamus 


What are your best tips for an early morning trip to the flower market?

Honestly, that early in the morning nothing really feels foremost except brushing my teeth (and that is questionable at times) – but definitely a slather of moisturiser and a very hot coffee helps a lot. – Phoebe