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Foile at Home

Beauty talk with Foile friends. 



July 2021

Smalls Deli



1. Can you describe a moment or experience that reshaped your relationship to 'beauty'?

Quite shockingly to me, I found my belly so beautiful those few days after  giving birth. The squishy, floppy belly that slowly contracted back into place absolutely blew me away and I definitely appreciate that the wonders of the human body have reshaped a part of what I find to be beautiful. 


2. What are your go-to sources of inspiration when it comes to your design practice?

I love a good session on Pinterest or designspiration but I do find that the strongest ideas come from other more unanticipated moments such as a set in a film or a song playing in a shop say. I’ll investigate these moments and discover a trail of gems to draw inspiration from.


3. What has been the most rewarding part of opening Small's Deli with your partner Ben?

It’s been a journey of trial and error but It would seem that people seem to like what was once just an idea in our heads, this is very rewarding and we are not resting on our laurels. It’s a fickle industry. 



June 2021

Phoebe & Seamus
Flowers Of Marmion Street



Can you describe a moment or experience that reshaped your relationship to 'beauty'?

Working on Flowers of Marmion Street has made me think more deeply about aesthetics. When putting a floral piece together I’m definitely making artistic choices that hopefully people can appreciate as beautiful. But these things are subjective and it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is aesthetically pleasing and why. In this line of creative work 'beauty' is always open, you get to learn what other people's perception of beauty is which is quite rewarding. – Seamus 


What are your best tips for an early morning trip to the flower market?

Honestly, that early in the morning nothing really feels foremost except brushing my teeth (and that is questionable at times) – but definitely a slather of moisturiser and a very hot coffee helps a lot. – Phoebe



May 2021

Pauline Ortega
Designer and Creative Director



Can you describe a moment or experience that reshaped your relationship to 'beauty'?

 I don't know that it's one moment in particular, but I think just coming to the realisation that how I feel internally and my peace of mind very much comes through in the energy I radiate and my overall appearance. Outside of all the creams, and oils, and fun makeup, a peaceful mindset really does the most work for beauty. Everything inside translates physically. 

 (I say this as someone who's had stress-induced eczema as a teen ahah)


What rituals make you feel most at home in your body, even when you're far from home?

 A swim in the sea, a long hot shower, then coating myself in fresh, jasmine-scented oil with a nice candle burning in the background.


April 2020

Penelope Benson
Homecoming* (*Queen), Writer & Model



How to feel good in my skin (again & again)

- A personal guide & written reminder.


Take a minute. Take off your shoes. Take a look.

An actual, honest look.

Now, decide and - finally - take a little extra care of yourself.


Like proper care, extra care and because you need it, for what appears like - more than others. 

And i’m talking real care, less bullshitting yourself.


More walks, more swims; more solitude. Moderation.

Ok, and maybe - a little more compassion.


More men’s clothes.. like drill; workwear; like Hard Yakka - and more often! 

Holes/ paint/ dirt, the more derelict the better.


Now – just begin to feel what it feels like to feel more like yourself.

More grounded, and gathered and dare i say, more beautiful.. more than any bloody dress could ever make you feel.


Also, feel free to feel sexy again! Slash feel more confident having it.






Now - please write! I know it’s new to you but I also know how it makes you feel and that you also feel it’s part reason what you’re here for. @homecoming.store


Keep saying yes to honest yeses, and no to all the “fuck no’s”; listening to yourself and listening less to others.


Keep bathing, basking and laying down just that little longer; a lot longer.. actually feeeel your breathe fill your lungs.

Also, fuck you feel a lot.


Never stop living for 8am ;), 5pm ;) (am i right) and ofcourse, croissants..


Now finally, feel how good you feel in your skin. (again)





Carla Uriarte



Anna Feller



Brittany Odell






Rachel Rutt
Founder of Rutt







May 2020

Lauren Grima



What makes you feel good in your skin?

Making conscious/constructive choices for my mind, body and soul - this is as much having a second biscuit as doing yoga. Understanding the relationship between the three was vital.

Being surrounded {surrounding myself} by such a body positive and proud community of women in Melbourne.

Acknowledging what my body has and does accomplish day to day + postpartum for my family.

Monitoring internal and external dialogue with other females regarding my body and theirs.

Understanding what my body needs and responding accordingly, {looking after myself} listening.

Remembering that the way I treat my body and talk about myself should be a good example.

Being grateful for my health and embracing my humanity.



May 2020

Jesse Furlan



I feel most in my skin when
I take things slowly and become more present
When I wake with the birds and walk in nature
When I keep my heart as open as the sky
Drink my coffee and have real convos with friends
Smile at the person in the street
Dandelion tea on repeat and long baths
All the skincare all the time
Embrace change and let go.. I’m still working on this one
Listen to my gut, Always

When I slow down energy flows
Magic happens and I remember to embrace my imperfections and show up for my self
To love openly and dream big
To benefit others as much as I can as well as myself

This is when I feel most in my skin x