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Holiday Skin


With the kiss of the sun's warmth on our skin,

and the body of water that holds us weightless,

our skin is constantly adjusting as we descend

into our holiday season and back outdoors again.


Holiday Skin is a guide to turn to so you can make sure your skin gets a break too.

With lovers Montana and Ambrose shot on holidays at Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head.



Foile Refills

Join the movement towards a more circular economy in skincare.

Your Foile Refill is 100% recyclable in your recycling bin at home.

Refills are lightweight making them perfect to travel with.


Sharing is caring

Foile is perfect for sharing. It is non-binary and suitable for all skin types. Use your oil on its own, or layered last in your skincare routine to lock in the hydration. Follow with the Mushy Gua Sha for lymphatic drainage and boosted circulation.


Montana and Ambrose use the Marula Oil morning and night and both have normal skin types.



Post-sun skincare tip

Gotten a little too much sun? Keep your Coconut Oil or Summer Oil in the fridge to cool it down before applying.

Our Coconut Oil is fractionated, meaning it will stay in liquid form even when cold. 



Summer with Montana and Ambrose


How does your skincare routine change for the holidays?
A: Lots of sunscreen and zinc, and sometimes a little bit of aloevera
M: During summer I use an oil every morning and night. Spending so much time in the ocean and sun means my skin is usually zapped of hydration from the salt water. And always lots of spf.

What skincare products do you share?
A: Sometimes I steal some of Monte's moisturiser. And we both wear the same sunscreen.
M: I’m always getting my hand on his zinc.

Wheres your favourite spot to get away to?
A: We love getting away to Noosa every couple of weeks for sun and waves at the national parks.
M: We usually take a trip during the summer to visit Ambrose’s family in New Zealand. It’s a beautiful time of year in the South Island. Looking forward to travelling back there again soon.

Where can you usually be found during the summer months?
A: Relaxing at home or frolicking in the ocean.
M: Underneath a brollie at the beach, or on a surfboard. If it’s a little later in the day, maybe the pub haha.

Summer essentials for everyday hydration

Hydrate, nourish and protect your skin with these daily essentials created to deliver deep hydration for the face and body.