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Why Foile?

Take Your Skin To New Highs!

We want to reimagine the way beauty is produced, consumed & experienced. We want to create progressive skincare that challenges existing methods, processes and ideologies, and imagines new ones, so you can access skincare in a way that makes you feel good. Here we offer up the details so you can make informed decisions as a consumer as to what you are buying from us and why.


[Clean Beauty] We believe in uber-clean beauty. This means Foile skincare is free from parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, drying alcohols & toxic ingredients. Our Classics are your principle skincare, low-key and high-quality, non-binary and multi use. Our Formulas are your supercharged skincare, formulated for visible results.

[Refillable Skincare] The current market sees 70% of waste end up in landfill. If we shift to refillable we can reduce as much as 70% of carbon emissions associated with the beauty industry. We decided making something once was better than making it 100 times. We designed our signature bottles with longevity in mind, so they could be refilled and become a permanent part of the beauty-cabinet. Our refill pouches are made out of plastic and are 100% commercially recyclable. Based on the knowledge we have access to, this is currently the lowest-impact solution for Foile. Every time you refill is another bottle saved.

[Supply Chain Transparency] Our packaging is produced off-shore in China, where we work closely with all manufacturers. The factory that produces our bottles are striving for zero pollution; they recycle their water, use Natural Gas instead of coal and filter their smoke emissions through a water system using micro-filtration. Our skincare is manufactured in Melbourne. We note the origin of all of our Foile Classics so you know where these are grown & harvested.   

[Homegrown Harvests] Where possible, we have opted for ingredients grown on Australian soil, minimising our freight footprint and supporting our domestic agricultural market. This currently includes our Classic Hemp Oil and Classic Jojoba Oil. Jojoba is one of the most regenerative harvests, meaning the act of farming it actually provides more to the Earth than it takes from it.  

[Inclusive Beauty] Our products are non-binary. Everyone is welcome here. We want our skincare to be accessible and align with not only your identity, but the beauty beliefs you have chosen for yourself. We hope Foile feels familiar in the ways we represent and speak of beauty.

[Support Local] Foile is a small, local, independently-run business. We love working with and supporting other small, local or conscious businesses. Our team is based between Sydney & Tasmania. We wrap and ship each parcel ourselves. The lab that helps us develop and then manufacture our products is based in Melbourne.

[Environmental Impact] Our decisions consider the Earth & People first, business second. Our skincare is all vegan, cruelty-free and non-palm oil derived. Our freight partner ships all parcels via carbon-neutral delivery.